Boring News

What is it?

We publish news in chart form only. No text whatsoever, just the chart for you to review and puzzle over why we think it's important.

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At least three problems exist with today's news reporting:

  1. It's Recycled
    While some news remains unpredictable, e.g. earthquakes, most news builds slowly over time. So we see the same stories over and over and over....
  2. Too Many Trolls
    Authors making blatant generalizations will be cheered by uncritical readers, while also guaranteeing that even the slowest critics will be able to find at least one thing wrong with the article. The resulting "controversy" fuels online forum participation and generates Adsense revenue for the site.
  3. Support instead of Illumination
    The need for a concrete narrative position poisons many articles. It turns out that reality often seems quite complicated, however reporters usually shy from exploring relevant data and only use the data that was handed to them.